Sworn Translation

Bekabuluh’s Dalih Sembiring is part of Balibright Language Consulting, a translation, editing, proofreading, and content writing team that also serves sworn translations. Click here for company profile (PDF).

PT Bali Cemerlang Group
• Thamrin Boulevard – Jakarta
• Karang Mas Sejahtera – Bali
Contact: Retno W. Munro
+62 817-737-689

A sworn translation service helps with the legality of documents for various purposes, such as studying or working abroad, divorce, business agreements, etc. Such documents will bear the sworn translator’s stamp and requires no notary authorization. Con-tact us for further details.

Our translation rates are based on the Association of Indonesian Translators’ rate reference (see Acuan Tarif Penerjemahan HPI). We mostly apply a per-word rate based on the source text’s word count and the speed with which the translation is expected to be finished. Our sworn translation rate, however, uses a per-page calculation based on the output.

Our team members’ two decades of expertise have resulted in the understanding that close attention to detail towards company messaging is vital. This is even more so with multinational groups — anyone responsible for creating company messages must now think in a transnational framework, which means overcoming language barriers and reaching a broad range of different cultures.

At Balibright, we translate from English to Indonesian and vice versa, and offer various writing services that result in texts that meet certain cultural expectations of different target audiences. We have worked with individuals, companies, and government institutions that need the power of language to communicate their visions, and we’re ready to take on your next challenges.