Some past translation projects, English to Indonesian and vice versa

Client: Channel News Asia (2021)
Project: Ongoing English to Indonesian translations of feature articles
Links: sample source 1 (webpage), sample target 1 (webpage) | sample source 2 (webpage), sample target 2 (webpage) | sample source 3 (webpage), sample target 3 (webpage)

Client: 350.org (2021)
Project: English to Indonesian localization of website for 350.org’s Global Just Recovery Gathering
Link: Global Just Recovery Gathering (website)

Client: Edward Gunawan (2020)
Project: Co-translation of poem from English to Indonesian for webcomic on mental health titled “Press Play”
Link: “Terus Berlanjut” (webpage)

Client: Caroline Wong (2020)
Project: Indonesian to English translations of short stories
Links: sample source 1 (webpage), sample target 1 (webpage) | sample source & target 2 (DOC)

Client: Local Futures (2020)
Project: English to Indonesian subtitle translation for documentary “The Economics of Happiness”
Link: “Ekonomi Kebahagiaan” (YouTube video)

Client: Eka Kurniawan (2015)
Project: Translation of novel Lelaki Harimau (English: Man Tiger, 2015, Verso Books)
Link: Man Tiger (Goodreads page)

Client: Savitri Scherer (2012)
Project: English to Indonesian translation of Savitri Scherer’s dissertation on Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s writings
Link: Luruh dalam Ideologi (Goodreads page)

Client: World Bank (2011)
Project: English to Indonesian co-translation of report “Jakarta: Urban challenges in a changing climate”
Links: source text (PDF), target text (PDF)